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  • Provide a safe, friendly, positive, environment in which creative talent can be fostered, encouraged and developed.

  • Build confidence by developing social and communication skills.

  • Teach correct technique in all fields of performing arts.

  • Provide experienced tutors in areas of dance, acting, theatre, and singing.

  • Rehearse and perform stage productions of high quality and with professionalism.


Behavioural Guidelines

Creative Academy of Performing Arts should be a safe and comfortable learning environment for all students.  To this end we would like parents and students to consider, and then sign, to acknowledge they have read and understood the following guidelines and expectations.

At all students have the right to:

  • Feel safe

  • Be respected

  • Have the opportunity to learn new skills


Students are expected to behave politely and respectfully towards other students, tutors and any others who are present.  This includes class time, rehearsal time and at performances.  Behaviour that does not allow all students to enjoy these rights is not to be tolerated and a series of warnings will be awarded to any student who does not follow the behavioural guidelines. 



  1. Parents will be contacted.

  2.  Parents will be contacted and students will be unable to attend the following class.

  3. Upon receiving the third strike parents will be contacted and the student will be asked to leave and their fees will be forfeited.

Our duty of care begins from the moment that the student enters the rehearsal room / theatre until they leave.  For this reason if a student is absent we need to be notified via text or phone.

By and large all our students are very well behaved, the introduction of these guidelines will only document the behaviour that exists already.  However, this will now make it clear to everyone how our behaviour management policy will work.




RESPECT:    Yourself, peers, tutors, parents, volunteers, studio, property, costumes and props.


Listen & focus:

Stop talking immediately when asked.

We should all feel safe and respected at the theatre. Violence, offensive language or actions, harassment, put downs / excluding class members is not acceptable.

Please no gum, chocolate, sticky food, always cover your costume or change before eating.

Dress Attire required for each class

Hip –Hop

Loose pants and t-shirt/singlet. Hip-Hop Shoes (Hi-Top Sneakers)


Leotard or fitted singlet with dance pants and socks.

Hair to be off face and in a bun.



Leotard or fitted singlet with dance pants or dance shorts,

Jazz shoes.

Hair to be worn up and off the face.



Leotard or fitted singlet with dance pants or dance shorts,

Tap shoes.

Hair to be worn up and off the face.



Leotard and ballet tights, (may wear ballet skirt) Ballet shoes.

Hair to be slicked back off face and in a bun.


Musical Theatre

Leotard or fitted singlet/t-shirt with dance pants, dance shorts or track pants.  Jazz shoes or canvas shoes.



Comfortable clothes to move in.


* No Jewellery to be worn to dance class please.                                     


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